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21st Century Job Hunt Literacy Skills

Nowadays, job seekers need to incorporate social media into their job hunt. The good news is that these tools are free. Social media refers to connecting or simply following people via the Internet to have a discussion, learn about opportunities, or share your work online. With social media tools, you can share all sorts of documents and multimedia instantly via a live chat or asynchronously [not at the same time]. These same social networking skills can be applied to the job hunt, career advancement, or professional development.

This wiki shares strategies on how to tap into social networks for employment for career purposes. For example, read the Twitter-based e-newspaper, The Employment Social Network to learn hiring tips and tricks from human resource (HR) leaders. Moreover, this wiki includes a list of some of the alternative ways to enhance or complete your education and skills to increase your chances on getting hired. Lastly, we listed our favorite job websites.

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Learn how to use Twitter for the job hunt!
Learn how to use Twitter for the job hunt!

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